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Words to ponder for the Macquarie Dictionary

We’ve had quite a lot of discussion about our last list of potential words. All our words we put up are under consideration, be they submitted by you, by your friends and colleagues or by other people all over Australia. We review them and see if they’re sufficiently part of the Australian lexicon to be added to the Macquarie Dictionary. Their inclusion here does not guarantee they’ll be added, more just to stimulate robust discussion about their worthiness and how widespread they might be.

So, let us know what you think of this month’s new set of words.

Should these words be entered into the Macquarie Dictionary?



New words square - rizz - charisma

New words square - glimmer - something that induces a feeling of peace

New words - friendshoring - restricting foreign investment to countries which are allies

New words square - nitro coffee - cold-brewed coffee infused with nitrogen

New words square - protopia - progression towards a better society, one small step at a time


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