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New words to consider for the Macquarie Dictionary

If you haven’t submitted a new word you’ve heard to us at Macquarie Dictionary, now is your chance to do so. Not only could you have the kudos of suggesting a potential word, but it might even end up on one of these articles. We take these words from you and collate them to consider for inclusion. They are all under investigation, but they may not all end up as part of the Australian lexicon.

So, let us know what you think of this month’s new set of words.

Should these words be entered into the Macquarie Dictionary?



cozzie livs	cost of living.

password child	"a child favoured over their siblings,  as shown by use of their name in the parent's passwords."

gendy nooch	gender-neutral.

tiger toast	toast with a topping of Vegemite and strips of cheese.

murder noodle	a snake, especially one which is venomous.

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