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Introducing…the Macquarie Dictionary Ninth Edition

Almost exactly 42 years after its first edition, this September sees the publication of the ninth edition of the Macquarie Dictionary, in a stunning two-volume package that features Australian flora.

With a foreword from Markus Zusak, bestselling author of The Book Thief , The Messenger and Bridge of Clay, the Macquarie Dictionary Ninth Edition features hundreds of new words and updated definitions from words which we share with the rest of the English speaking world, to words unique to Australian English, such as cozzie, shonky, snot-block, servo, having a barry and doing a Bradbury.

Some of our editorial team’s favourite new words include: truth-telling, the ick, doomscrolling, vertical drinking, bachelor’s handbag and nepo baby. 

In his foreword, Markus Zusak captures the importance of the Macquarie Dictionary to the Australian lexicon:

If we allow ourselves the pleasure, we can spend our lives both discovering and uncovering seemingly infinite combinations of words. The dictionary is our multi-faceted road map – to view each entry from many angles. It’s for that reason that I revere this book, and what it offers to readers and writers. 

The Macquarie Dictionary Ninth Edition will be released on the 12th of September, 2023. Pre-order now from your favourite retailer. As well as providing you with the most up to date reference for Australian English, every copy comes with a free 12 month subscription to the Macquarie Dictionary Online. 

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