Macquarie Dictionary



Macquarie Dictionary Online is the most comprehensive version of the Dictionary and Thesaurus available. With twice-annual updates of new words, our online service offers fast and easy access to over 160,000 Australian words and definitions, encyclopedic entries, and audio pronunciations for over 120,000 entries, etymologies, usage notes and more. The companion Macquarie Thesaurus has over 200,000 synonyms.

An individual subscription to the Macquarie Dictionary Online includes the following features:

  • Easy, comprehensive search

  • Extensive usage notes

  • Etymologies of words and phrases

  • Encyclopedic entries

  • Words and phrases from regional Australia

  • Extra resources including grammar and punctuation guides

The Macquarie Dictionary Online and it’s companion reference the Macquarie Thesaurus, is recommended for students (and adults) aged 15 and above. There is also a Student access option, which is recommended for students aged 10-15 years. Learn more about the Student access option here.

Our pricing for an individual subscription is:

  • $59.99 (inc. GST) for access to both the Macquarie Dictionary and Thesaurus Online.

  • $49.99 (inc. GST) for access to just the Macquarie Dictionary Online.

  • An individual subscription to the Student Dictionary and Thesaurus Online is $54.99. All prices are inclusive of GST and individual subscriptions are for 12 months.

If you would like temporary access to the dictionary and thesaurus, you can take out a trial here.