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Dunny diver

This week’s word of the week will cost you around $150 an hour. A dunny diver is a plumber, those stalwart tradies who install and repair piping, fixtures,

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Horse’s doover

This week we are enjoying some horse’s doover. Say what? Horse’s doover is a jocular mispronunciation of hors d’oeuvre that has been part of Aussie slang since the

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We’ve gone troppo

It’s official, the Macquarie Dictionary staff have gone troppo, as in we’ve gone mental or are mentally disturbed. The most notable usage of troppo was as

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Swooping season

Here at Macquarie Dictionary, especially during this windy and rainy week, we are missing the warmer weather. However, we also know what awaits us at

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Spit the dummy

This week’s blog is dedicated to toddlers because they are the most likely to spit the dummy. A relative recent phrase, having joined the Aussie lexicon

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The cellar dwellers

It’s deep into the football season. With the finals approaching, it’s time to analyse your team’s chances of making it to the last eight. Are

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Australians love brevity. We are fond of shortening words. Perhaps the most famous example is the shortening of the Melbourne Cricket Ground to the MCG.

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Arcing up

Sit back and watch the sparks fly. This week’s word of the week is arc up. To arc up means to become upset or livid with anger, to

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